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Fancy a night out? Check out Belgrade’s up-and-coming gay bar & club scene.

Dr Milutina Ivkovica 2A, Belgrade | map | distance

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+381 61 152 9243 |

weekend: Fri,Sat 23:00 - 06:00

OZ Nation

audience rating: 4.3 stars from 8 votes - click to vote

LGBT club night in Belgrade, with pop music on Fridays and house/techno on Saturdays (with dark room). Closed on Weekdays.

Check OZ Nation’s Facebook page for upcoming themed parties and events.

metro : Trg Oslobodjenja

features: bar, music, dancing, dark room, cruise / fetish, coat check, adults only | gay-owned | Updated: 20-02-2018

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13 Terazije, 1F, Belgrade | map | distance

| website | facebook
+381 64 487 8460 |

weekday: 12:00 - 02:00

weekend: 12:00 - 03:00

XL Bar

audience rating: 3.9 stars from 25 votes - click to vote

5 Star Winner

XL Bar is one of the most famous gay venues in Serbia and the main hangout for gays, lesbians, transgenders and friends.

Centrally located in Belgrade. Open from 12pm.

features: bar, music, cafe, free wifi | Updated: 02-02-2018

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Makedonska 28, Belgrade | map | distance

| facebook
+381 65 6564060 |

weekday: 16:00 - 02:00

weekend: 16:00 - 05:00

Club Musk

audience rating: 2.7 stars from 13 votes - click to vote

3 Star Winner

Compact but popular gay bar & dance club. Air-conditioned, friendly staff and a good selection of drinks at reasonable prices.

Open very late on Friday and Saturday nights with live DJ’s. Regular karaoke nights and occasional special themed party nights with guest DJ’s.

features: bar, music, dancing | Updated: 01-03-2018

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Kneza Milosa 9, Belgrade | map | distance

weekend: Fri,Sat 23:00 - 07:00

Pleasure Club

audience rating: 4 stars from 1 votes - click to vote

Large, gay-popular nightclub in Belgrade. Pleasure welcomes everyone but is mostly packed with gay crowd.

There’s also a dark room. Great music. Open Friday and Saturday nights.

features: bar, music, dancing, dark room | Updated: 07-03-2018

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Terazije 5, Belgrade | map | distance

| facebook

weekday: 13:00 - 02:00

weekend: 18:00 - 02:00

Smiley Bar

audience rating: 4.8 stars from 71 votes - click to vote

Small LGBT cafe bar in Belgrade. Smiley Bar (Осмех) serves coffee during the day and reasonably priced drinks & cocktails in the evening.

Busy most nights of the week.

| Updated: 01-03-2018

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Belgrade Bears

| facebook |

audience rating: 3.8 stars from 5 votes - click to vote

The name says it all! Belgrade Bears has been organising regular party nights and special events in Serbia for more than almost 10 years.

Bears & men-only party nights are usually held twice a month at Club Three Dots. Check Belgrade Bears’ website or Facebook page for more event information.

features: bar, music, dancing, cruise / fetish | Updated: 01-03-2018

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