Bilbao Gay Saunas

Bilbao’s two popular gay saunas, EGO and Element, provide plenty of opportunity to meet the locals.

Nicolás Alcorta Kalea 3, Bilbao | map | distance

| website |
+34 944 70 07 77 |

weekday 15:00 - 22:00

weekend Fri 15:00 - Sat 09:00; Sat 15:00 - Sun 22:00

Sauna EGO

audience rating 2.9 stars from 29 votes - click to vote

3 Star Winner

Large, popular gay sauna in the centre of Bilbao. Facilities (almost 1,000 m²) at EGO include Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, thermal showers, maze, video room, dark room, glory holes, slings, bar, private cabins, free internet station, etc.

Located in the galleries of the Plaza Zabalburu (access through the shopping mall).

features bar, internet access, steam room, sauna, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room | Updated: 12-01-2016

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Sauna Element

Costa Kalea 8, Bilbao | map | distance

| website | +34 944 05 23 03 |

weekday 16:00 - 22:00

weekend Sat 16:00 - Sun 09:00; Sun 15:00 - 22:00

audience rating 3.0 stars from 4 votes - click to vote

Gay sauna in Bilbao with well-maintained, modern facilities – dry sauna, jacuzzi, lockers, showers, private cabins, café bar. Each cabin has its own temperature control.

Popular with young guys. General admission 15€.

features bar, cafe, sauna, jacuzzi / hot pool, relaxing cabins | Updated: 01-28-2017

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