Copenhagen Gay Cafés

Copenhagen has a few gay-owned cafés for casual hangouts and quick bites. Here’s a list of the most gay-popular coffee shops in town.

Skindergade 21, Copenhagen | map | distance

| website | facebook
+45 33 32 58 61 |

weekday: Tue,Thu 16:00 - 22:00


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Kafé KNUD is run by HIV-Danmark as a café and meeting place, welcoming anyone affected by HIV. Open on Tuesday and Thursday, the café serves a variety of drinks and a small menu of desserts and vegetarian dishes.

You can also drop in and pick up flyers, booklets, magazines about HIV and related information.

features: cafe | Updated: 05-03-2017

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Lækkerier’s Kokken – CLOSED

Vedbækgade 13, Copenhagen

| website | facebook | +45 61 28 78 11 |

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CLOSED (September 2016).

Gay-owned café Lækkerier’s Kokken, owned by a Kristian and John, serves a great selection of homemade cakes, sandwiches, Asian-inspired cuisine and vegan/vegetarian food.

The outdoor terrace offers a very laid-back atmosphere, and the service is excellent.

| Updated: 17-01-2017

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