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Some of the most popular gay bars on the French Riviera.

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Our roundup of the best gay bars in Paris. Photos, maps and more.

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Beachfront location.

Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditerranée

Beachfront location. Great view. Walk to Castel Plage.

prices & pictures

Nice : 5-star

Near the gay nightlife.

Hotel du Vieux Saule

Near the gay nightlife. Great value & service.

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Paris : 3-star

Close to gay nightlife.

Little Palace Hotel

Close to gay nightlife. Excellent location. Popular choice.

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Paris : 4-star

Central location.

Le Relais du Marais

Central location. Walk to gay bars. Great value.

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Paris : 2-star

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France Events

 | @ Factory Club : Lyon | 02-12-2017 Following the success of last year’s event, ...

 | Gibus Club : Paris | 24-11-2017 admission 17€ at the door

 | Gibus Club : Paris | 26-11-2017 hosted by RedWolf; admission 17€ at the door

 | Sun City : Paris | 09-12-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

 | YOYO : Paris | 16-12-2017 with DJ ARON, DJ/Producer Dorian M, DJ/Producer Ki...

 | Gibus Club : Paris | 17-12-2017 with DJ Tom Stephan; 15€ admission (17€ at the...

 | Gibus Club : Paris | 23-12-2017 with Aurel Devil, Decode, Sebastien Triumph

 | Pavillon Champs Elysées / Salle Wagram : Paris | 30-12-2017 until 31-12-2017 two days of massive parties

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Recent Reviews

Expensive “This place is very expensive, and very small. The staff who lets you in can be quite mercenary. The bar…”Paris on L’Impact, Paris

Big & Big “Nothing can compete this sauna in any ways, one come for sauna is mainly to have fun and go along…”Yuri on Sun City, Paris

Sad and disappointing “...even if I had enough activity. I'm not coming here anymore. Oasis, her sister sauna in Brussels is superior in…”Andy on Les Bains d’Odessa, Paris

Aged sauna “The clients are mature men mostly and black men. Few of the men don't know the meaning of flirting and…”Jono on Sun City, Paris

Wasn’t what I expected “I walk in and I see women. Let’s just say I didn’t enjoy it at all.”Jay on Le Cercle Sauna, Nice

Featured Venues

Sauna Le 36

 | Montpellier

Large gay sauna & cruise club in Montpellier.

Club Le7

 | Nice

Large gay cruise bar with all the facilities.

Sun City

 | Paris

One of Paris' largest and most popular gay saunas.

Full Metal

 | Paris

Dress codes that include leather and rubber say it all.