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Some of the most popular gay bars on the French Riviera.

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On the Promenade.

Hotel Negresco

Close to the gay scene. On the Promenade.

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Nice : 5-star

Near the gay nightlife.

Hotel du Vieux Saule

Great value & service. Near the gay nightlife.

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Paris : 3-star

Close to gay nightlife.

Little Palace Hotel

Excellent service. Very popular choice. Close to gay nightlife.

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Paris : 4-star

Central location.

Le Relais du Marais

Walk to gay bars. Great value. Central location.

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Paris : 2-star

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France Events

 | L’Impact : Paris | 25-07-2017 Free entry for those that are XXL

 | Sun City : Paris | 12-08-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

 | Les Bains d’Odessa : Paris | 12-08-2017 Party for bears

 | L’Impact : Paris | 17-08-2017 Party in your jocks

 | L’Impact : Paris | 29-08-2017 Free entry for those that are XXL

 | Sun City : Paris | 09-09-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

 | L’Impact : Paris | 14-09-2017 Party in your jocks

 | L’Impact : Paris | 26-09-2017 Free entry for those that are XXL

 | L’Impact : Paris | 12-10-2017 Party in your jocks

 | Sun City : Paris | 14-10-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

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Recent Reviews

Sympa mais trop enfumé “Bon, assez sympa, bonne musique , le seul gros souci: La cigarette. Contrairement à la législation, La direction laisse fumer…”Alain on Le GLAM, Nice

Only quite few people “We were here on Friday night between 23.00 and 01.30. Very little people. Quite surprising because of large number of…”Travellers on Club Le7, Nice

Pot luck “Mid-afternoon, mid-week in mid-June was fairly busy - but most men were occupied in the cabins or dark areas. The…”Swithen on Les Bains d’Odessa, Paris

Same shit happened to me 2 years ago “The man in the entrance said that I was fatigue, which meant that I was drunk.”Henry on Sun City, Paris

If your the right "type" but.... “Even then not a friendly vibe at all. Just get the business done!!”Lou on Sun City, Paris

Featured Venues

Sauna Le 36

 | Montpellier

Large gay sauna & cruise club in Montpellier.

Club Le7

 | Nice

Large gay cruise bar with all the facilities.

Sun City

 | Paris

One of Paris' largest and most popular gay saunas.

Full Metal

 | Paris

Dress codes that include leather and rubber say it all.