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Some of the most popular gay bars on the French Riviera.

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Fabulous Nice hotels. Exclusive reviews. Save up to 75%.

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Want to be impressed in bed? Check our top 5-star Paris hotels. Huge savings.

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Our roundup of the best gay bars in Paris. Photos, maps and more.

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On the Promenade.

Hotel Negresco

On the Promenade. Close to the gay scene.

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Nice : 5-star

Near the gay nightlife.

Hotel du Vieux Saule

Near the gay nightlife. Great value & service.

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Paris : 3-star

Close to gay nightlife.

Little Palace Hotel

Close to gay nightlife. Excellent location. Popular choice.

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Paris : 4-star

Central location.

Le Relais du Marais

Central location. Walk to gay bars. Great value.

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Paris : 2-star

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France Events

 | L’Impact : Paris | 26-09-2017 Free entry for those that are XXL

 | @ Gibus Club : Paris | 30-09-2017 with Ale Amarale, Aurel Devil, Sebastien Triumph; ...

 | Sun City : Paris | 14-10-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

 | RedWolf : Paris | 21-10-2017 with Sagi Kariv!

 | Les Bains d’Odessa : Paris | 04-11-2017 Party for bears

 | Sun City : Paris | 11-11-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

 | Les Bains d’Odessa : Paris | 11-11-2017 Party for bears

 | L’Impact : Paris | 16-11-2017 Party in your jocks

 | L’Impact : Paris | 28-11-2017 Free entry for those that are XXL

 | Les Bains d’Odessa : Paris | 02-12-2017 Party for bears

 | Sun City : Paris | 09-12-2017 Meet up for bears visiting Paris

 | Les Bains d’Odessa : Paris | 09-12-2017 Party for bears

 | L’Impact : Paris | 14-12-2017 Party in your jocks

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Recent Reviews

Older clientele “Doorman is very rude. Don't think this place worth a visit. It caters mainly for the older clientele.”Dmitriy on Morgan Club, Nice

Not friendly “Most of the staff are rude and not friendly. One of them threatened me that he can kick me out…”Mike on Sun City, Paris

Leather! “Great leather store with really hot helpful leathermen sales persons. Huge selection of high quality leather and rubber wear.”Jim on RoB Paris, Paris

Good “Only went the once, fairly early on a Friday night around midnight. Not many in. Definitely a sleaze bar, and…”Andrew on EAGLE Nice, Nice

Avoid “I arrived at the bar at around 11pm on a Saturday night. It was fairly busy but not full. I…”Andrew on Le Bar Bitch, Nice

Featured Venues

Sauna Le 36

 | Montpellier

Large gay sauna & cruise club in Montpellier.

Club Le7

 | Nice

Large gay cruise bar with all the facilities.

Sun City

 | Paris

One of Paris' largest and most popular gay saunas.

Full Metal

 | Paris

Dress codes that include leather and rubber say it all.