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Explore the colourful world-heritage city of Port wine and beautiful tiled buildings.

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Porto Gay Saunas

A guide to gay saunas in Porto.

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Explore the vibrant capital city of Portugal.

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Places to hang out and meet the locals in Porto.

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 | Sauna Camoes

 | Conceição 35

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Recent Reviews

Clean and pleasant “I visited the Sauna Camoes in august this year. In comparison to Thermas 205 it is a really pleasant experience.…”Tobias on Sauna Camoes

Very unpleasant “Thermas 205 is a dark and unpleasant place. I have been there about ten years ago and again this August…”Tobias on Sauna Thermas 205

very dark, but hot guys “Sauna and steam room are extremely dark, you will hit your face cause you don't see anything. Sauna…”Paul on Sauna Thermas 205

“There are apparently only 2 gay men's spa in Porto and this was supposed to be the more updated, happening…”Kelvin on Sauna Thermas 205

Featured Venues

Fabrik Bar

A newly opened gay bar that fuses swank with the industrial. Fabrik is located in trendy downtown Po...

Sauna Camoes

Long-running gay sauna in Porto that has been around for over 20 years. Recently renovated facilitie...


The most popular dance club and the headquarter of gay party-goers in Porto. The former warehouse ha...


Not exactly a “bar”. PRIDE is a popular weekend nightclub, with live entertainment, drag...