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Russia, the largest country in the world, spans both Europe and Asia. Find out more about the gay scene in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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Amazing “Had visited this place last year. Very unusual and professional show.”Vladimir on Cabaret Club Saint Petersburg

soviet style “If you really like an old soviet sauna, you should go to this place. Atmosphere is the same as in…”Rob on Podval Sauna

Perfect “Just could not think of a better guide, in every aspect: puncutality, friendliness, flexibilty, knowledge, reliability.. just perfect.”Bernhard on GUYS²

Club review “It was a good club and the atmosphere was ok, but the problem was that the music was all remixed…”Basel on BoyZ Club

Website in English “Dear VODA managers, you should have an English option at your website. People from other countries cannot understand Russian. Thank…”Neymar on VODA Spa & Sauna

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Voda Sauna Bar area

VODA Spa & Sauna

The most popular gay sauna in Moscow.

BoyZ Club

The biggest gay nightclub in Moscow.