Mykonos Gay Beaches

The number one reason for visiting Mykonos island – the gay beaches! Here’s what you need to know.

Gay Section on Elia Beach Mykonos

Elia Beach from Greco Philia Suites

Elia Beach

Elia, Mykonos | map | distance

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Elia is one of the largest beaches on Mykonos island and the most gay-popular. This sandy beach is well-managed with many good quality sun beds and shades for rent.

At the righthand end (assuming you’re facing the sea), you’ll see a rainbow flag. The area between the water sports rental section and the flag gets increasingly gay-popular. The sandy quality above and below the waterline is at its best in this area.

Beyond the rocky outcrop towards the very end (beyond the rainbow flag) is a second beach that is almost entirely gay with some nudism. Further behind is a much smaller sandy cove that is mostly occupied by gay nude sunbathers.

Sun beds and shades are available for rent. Customers can expect an efficient ‘at seat’ drinks and food service. A selection of sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, salads are cooked to order at the nearby Arte & Mare Resort restaurant and, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, delivered by runners to your bed.

Buying food and drinks from the beach staff is a great way of securing front-row sun loungers reservations for the following day. There is also an excellent beach restaurant in the middle of the main beach, serving a wide selection of fish and meat dishes.

Neither the at-seat or dine-in option is cheap. So, bring your own water, cigarettes, etc. However, our beach attendant (Erick) was a bronzed, smooth-talking Greek hunk who had us ordering from his menu every hour or so.

Elia Beach is generally quiet in the morning with people arriving around lunchtime and leaving in the evening. After 5pm, the rocky area beyond the beaches becomes very cruisy. The only privacy is behind stone walls, and even then you are definitely taking chances with the exceptionally prickly bushes that cover the rocks.


How to get to Elia Beach

a) Hire a car and drive. There is a car park at the beach. You can drive through the tarmacked car park and turn right into an informal car park than runs along the back of the beach. We think driving is the best option if you are in a group and plan to visit Elia most days.
b) Take a bus from the Northern Bus Station (close to the Old Port ferry quay), buses depart at regular intervals from 11am – check at the station for the current schedule.
c) Take a bus from the main Southern Bus Station to Plato Yailos, then catch the regular boat to Elia.

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Agrari Beach

Agrari, Mykonos | map | distance

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Agrari Beach is located next to Elia Beach. It’s about a 5-minute walk over a rocky outcrop. The beach is well-organised with sun beds & shades, a lifeguard and a popular beach restaurant. The sand here is far more coarse than on Elia Beach.

Every time we have visited Agrari Beach, it’s been a lot less crowded than either Elia or Super Paradise, attracting some gay sunbathers who prefer peace and quiet.

How to get to Agrari Beach

a) Walk from Elia Beach, just 5 minutes along the cliff path.
b) Drive, but be aware of the steep hill leading down to the beach.

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Super Paradise Beach

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Years ago, Super Paradise was almost an exclusively gay beach. Today, the beach is hugely popular with both gay and straight sunbathers and beach clubbers. It certainly has a lively vibe and is busy every day in the summer.



The righthand side of the beach (assuming you are looking at the sea) is the gayest end, close to JackieO’s Beach Club. The lefthand side is dominated by the Super Paradise Club. This becomes a party venue from around 4pm to late every evening. In the middle is Pink Beach, a classy champagne bar, restaurant and beach club.

Sun loungers and shades are available for rent, along with an ‘at seat’ service is available offering (expensive) drinks and light snacks. Like Elia, Super Paradise gets busy from lunchtime.


How to get to Super Paradise Beach

a) Drive. Head out from Mykonos Town past the airport. The beach is signposted. The last 2 km down to the beach is very steep. Free parking available.
b) Take a bus from the main bus station in Mykonos Town to Platys Gialos or Ornos.  Then take the regular boat service to Super Paradise.

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Mykonos • other beaches worth visiting

Elia and Super Paradise are at the centre of Mykonos gay beach scene. But if you have rented a car or quad bike, it’s definitely worth checking out some of these other beaches further along the southern coast.

Picture of Lia Beach in Mykonos

Lia Beach

Lia Beach, Mykonos | map | distance

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Lia Beach is located along the south east coast of Mykonos. It’s a relatively small, clean sandy beach that we really liked.

Facilities include a car park, beach restaurant, sun loungers and shades (with an ‘at seat’ service) but it’s a lot more peaceful than Elia Beach. The bay is sheltered on both sides by hills, and there is an effective windbreak behind the sun loungers.

The Liasti Lia Beach Restaurant is on par with the Elia Beach Restaurant, both in terms of food quality (good) and price (not cheap).

You need a car or quad bike and a map as the roads are not well-signposted. When we visited in September 2015, the beach was attracting a some gay sunbathers.

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Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis Beach, Mykonos | map | distance

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Kalafatis Beach is one of the longest sandy beaches on Mykonos. The beach is protected from wind by a line of pine trees directly behind the sand, but the exposed bay is really popular with wind surfers. Windsurf rental is available if you fancy a go.

There are some good-value restaurants and sun loungers to rent at both ends of the beach. The large central strip is just perfect for those who prefer a quiet spot for their own towel and umbrella.

Kalafatis Beach is easy to reach by car or bike. Park on the road behind the beach or in one of the car parks.

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