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  • Most German gay saunas and cruise clubs do not require membership, however you are likely to be asked for ID showing your age.
  • Condoms and lube are usually available at saunas, but this is not always the case - so it is best to bring your own supplies.
  • Some gay saunas in Germany will charge an additional fee for use of a private room.

Recent Reviews

Good service, but small crowd

“Went here tonight. I don't know why people say the bouncer and staff are unfriendly. ..”

Maximo on CDL
Berlin, Germany

The place segregates

“The place segregates. Unfortunately I saw the doorman barring mature gays at the entrance ..”

Alex on TOM’S Bar
Berlin, Germany

This place is now CLOSED

“Unfortunately this place was forced as the buiding will be transformed. They are ..”

John on Quälgeist
Berlin, Germany


“To old...ore bot model...than the say "private Club.."....and very Dirty....high ..”

Fred on The JAXX
Berlin, Germany

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