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  • Most German gay saunas and cruise clubs do not require membership, however you are likely to be asked for ID showing your age.
  • Condoms and lube are usually available at saunas, but this is not always the case - so it is best to bring your own supplies.
  • Some gay saunas in Germany will charge an additional fee for use of a private room.

Recent Reviews

Tom's is a joke

“Tom's bare really is a joke and aimed at tourists. The basement can get busy but there is ..”

Neil on TOM’S Bar
Berlin, Germany

You are not missing anything

“Do the worry about being refused entry, your not missing anything. The Jaxx has lost it ..”

Neil on The JAXX
Berlin, Germany


“Jaxx used to be very popular many years back but no one goes here anymore. Most guys use ..”

Neil on The JAXX
Berlin, Germany


“Very lovely and kind atmosphere for people who are pretty and care enough about ..”

Robin on The JAXX
Berlin, Germany

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