Malaga Gay Bars & Clubs

Malaga has a few gay bars and dance clubs that are popular on the weekends. All are located within the city centre.

Plaza de la Merced 21, Malaga | map | distance

| facebook
+34 952 21 09 24 |

weekday 09:00 - 02:00

weekend 09:00 - 03:00

El Carmen

audience rating 2.3 stars from 7 votes - click to vote

Popular gay bar, cafe & restaurant with outdoor terrace. El Carmen is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-evening drinks. Located at the Plaza de la Merced. Mixed crowd.

features bar, music, cafe, restaurant | Updated: 11-28-2016

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Peter Pan

Calle Gómez Pallete 7, Malaga | map | distance

| facebook | +34 659 84 30 41 |

weekday Wed,Thu 23:00 - 03:00

weekend Fri,Sat 23:00 - 04:00

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Local bar & nightclub in central Malaga for the gay/mixed crowd. Peter Pan plays the best current music. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 11pm.

features bar, music, dancing | Updated: 11-29-2016

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Calle Lazcano 5, Malaga | map | distance

| website | facebook
+34 670 09 87 49 |

weekday Mon-Thu 22:00 - 06:00

weekend Fri,Sat 16:00 - 07:00; Sun 16:30 - 06:00

Theatro Club

audience rating 3.5 stars from 6 votes - click to vote

Gay-popular nightclub in Malaga city centre. In addition to disco, Theatro Club also hosts concerts, monologues, plays, live jazz and disco until 7am.

features bar, music, dancing | Updated: 11-29-2016

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Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales 4, Malaga | map | distance

| facebook

weekday 09:30 - 23:30

weekend 12:30 - 02:00

Café de Estraperlo

audience rating 4.0 stars from 1 votes - click to vote

Located in the heart of the new Soho Málaga area, close to the Port and promenade, Café de Estraperlo is a cool designer café bar that opens all day and into the late evening.

Great coffee and premium brands of drinks can be enjoyed inside or at the terrace. Popular with locals and artsy Soho residents, young and old, gay and straight.

The bar has a relaxed atmosphere where you can listen to the music that ranges from jazz, funk, pop, house to classical. Free WiFi available. Run by a Brit and a Spaniard to give the bar an international feel.

features bar, music, cafe, free wi-fi | Updated: 11-29-2016

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La Calle de Brusselas

Plaza de la Merced 16, Malaga | map | distance

| facebook | +34 952 60 39 48 |

weekday 09:00 - 02:00

weekend 09:00 - 03:00

audience rating 4.5 stars from 2 votes - click to vote

Gay-friendly café bar in the middle of Plaza de la Merced. La Calle de Brusselas serves drinks, cocktails, tapas and meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nice location for enjoying a drink in the sun. Open daily from 9am.

features bar, cafe | Updated: 11-29-2016

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