Malaga Gay Shops

Calle de las Mercedes 7, Malaga

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Cosmos Fashion

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Cosmos sells men’s fashion, underwear and brand-name labels like Calvin Klein, GUESS, etc. Located in a busy shopping district of downtown Malaga.

Behind the main store is a smaller outlet shop selling discounted clothes from big name brands.

features: shop | Updated: 15-06-2017

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GUAPO shop Malaga – CLOSED

Calle Sébastian Souviron 6, Malaga

| website | facebook | +34 951 38 23 49 |

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Gay shop (the first in Malaga) that sells men’s underwear and swimwear. Online purchase is available on the website.

GUAPO carries many famous brands including Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Diesel, DIM, Exponent, Garçon Français, Modus Vivendi, Pump!, XTG, etc.

| Updated: 28-11-2016

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