Malta Gay Massage

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Men Massage & Spa

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Malta’s only massage spa for men by Adrian – a professional Massage Therapist with 14 years of experience, who studied and lived in India for two years where he learned various massage techniques, from Ayurvedic to Swedish.

Adrian offers a range of massage & spa treatments including Facial Mask, Eyebrow Shaping, Body Shaving, Beard Trimming, Body Scrub, Back Massage, Head Massage, Full Body Massage, etc.

All products are 100% organic, from natural Indian herbs, and allergy-free. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Onsite facilities include 2-person hot bath; outdoor jacuzzi for 4 persons (in summer only).

features: massage, spa, private shower facilities, free wi-fi | Updated: 13-02-2018

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