Montpellier Gay Dance Clubs

Want to party the night away? Montpellier has a few popular gay dance clubs that are open on the weekend.

NABU Gay Club

rue du Mas de Grille, Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Montpellier | map | distance

| facebook | +33 6 06 62 08 42 |

weekend Sat 23:30 - 07:00

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The place to be in Montpellier on Saturday night. NABU hosts a popular gay dance party with DJ and dancers, starting from 11:30pm.

The club is located in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, about a 15-minute drive from Montpellier city centre.

features bar, music, dancing | Updated: 06-12-2016

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La Villa Rouge gay dance club in Montpellier

La Villa Rouge

Route de Palavas, Montpellier | map | distance

| facebook | +33 4 67 06 52 15 |

weekday Thu 23:45 - 06:00

weekend Fri,Sat 23:45 - 06:00

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One of Montpellier’s best nightclubs, La Villa Rouge is an electronic music venue that’s packed out every weekend.  Attracts a mixed crowd.

Boasting four rooms – the main room, techno room, patio bar and the mystical Cat’s Club (we’re not sure either) – you’re bound to find something you like dancing too.

International DJ’s and live music is a regular feature here – check their website for further details.

features bar, music, dancing, live music | Updated: 09-01-2016

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