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Christmas flavour - December 2017

Billy on Vault 139, London, United Kingdom on 2017-12-12

“Visiting London and taken in for some Christmas action to the underwear night, you leave you're main clothes in a basket with a ticket and this seems safe and clean. Changing area was busy and various inviting looks are ...” read more

Appalling entry

Ryan on Chariots – Vauxhall, London, United Kingdom on 2017-12-11

“This place needs a new security system. Frisked by a bouncer which I've never come across upon entering a sauna. Poppers and tobacco taken off us and was told I would have to buy unopened poppers inside. The entry staff ...” read more

Good facilities, but nothing special

Michael on BLINDAGE Sauna, Kiev, Ukraine on 2017-12-11

“Facilities are good And the crowd.... Just fine. But nothing special. I think that the most beautiful guys of Kiev (they are so beautiful) don't go there Massage is so cheap and good. Recommended!” read more

Amazing sauna!

Michael on Gay Sauna Glamour, Vilnius, Lithuania on 2017-12-11

“Best sauna of the Baltic countries. I was there a Sunday (almost empty; I don't recommend to go that day) and a Saturday (busy, busy, busy). Saturday night was full of beautiful, young and hot guys, so available an...” read more

Stay away!!!

Michael on CSSL, Riga, Latvia on 2017-12-11

“Terrible experience. Almost empty. Only 3 guys, including the attention man! Facilities are terrible. Jacuzzi was cold and x-ray room didn't function. You had only the sauna: small and a little cold. Riga deserves more!” read more

Just fine, but nothing special

Michael on Club 69, Tallinn, Estonia on 2017-12-11

“Facilities are good, drinks are fine, but public is not very hot (too many of them are old) You can't sleep there! Terrible! If they surprise you sleeping, you must pay a penalty fee. But well, it's the only gay sauna ...” read more

No guys go there anymore

Neil on ODARKO, Madrid, Spain on 2017-12-11

“The last event in Madrid was a flop, only about 50 guys attended. The venue was Palace which is a straight club, the atmosphere was terrible with staff and security unfriendly. DJ Charly was dreadful, just playing one tr...” read more


Jo on Sauna Nieuwezijds, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-12-11

“Get packed during the weekend, ID to present at the entrance however has been done inconsistently which is one of their renewed act at the sauna right after the renovation. The faces of the new staffs looked friendlier t...” read more

The Boiler Room Sauna Hove

Plenty of fun

jon on The Boiler Room Sauna, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-12-11

“Another visit and plenty of fun with lots of guys, going again soon.” read more


A. on Dragon Sauna, Hamburg, Germany on 2017-12-11

“Went there on saturday with my boyfriend. The place is big and clean, we enjoyed ourselves and relaxed. Even so, we only found two or three guys to have fun with, the vast majority of the people were just ugly. Remember ...” read more

Nice time

P on Phoenix Sauna, Cologne, Germany on 2017-12-09

“Yesterday/Friday, I was at the Phoenix Gay Sauna! I absolutely enjoyed my stay there! Bar/Restaurant are excellent! Friendly staff! Some action! Recommended ....” read more

My favourite party in Italy

Gaetano on GATE Party @ TRACK, Milan, Italy on 2017-12-09

“Bello davvero tutto: gente, club, animazione, scenografie, organizzazione, atmosfera. Forse l'unico party dal sapore internazionale che esiste attualmente in Italia. Cliente fisso ad ogni serata. E vale la pena fare una ...” read more

Really great masage

kharmel on Playa del Ingles Gay Tantra & Massage, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-12-08

“Really a great professional massage and masseur. Thank u Martin for the massage and the relaxing atmosphere. Im sure to repeat. Very recommended.” read more

Great place

Shaun on Golden, Riga, Latvia on 2017-12-08

“Great atmosphere and music!!! I've been to Riga twice and each time visited Golden club. Highly recommend to visit;)” read more

Absolutely dire

Graham on E15 Club, London, United Kingdom on 2017-12-08

“The sauna was really cold as the door was being kept shut with a bit of blutac. When I complained the staff told me that people don't come here for the sauna! Really tired horrible facilities and not cheap. Do yourself a...” read more

Not a fetish party

Neil on MACHO Party @ BUT, Madrid, Spain on 2017-12-08

“Macho is a large party held on the outskirts of Madrid. It is expensive to attend, usually 25euro entry and long drinks are 14euro. There are stage shows with lots of dancers and some good techno DJs. It is not a fetish ...” read more



luke on RED Line, Belgrade, Serbia on 2017-12-07

“How did you find the entrance? I was there today around 19.30 pm and under number 12 there is a coffee pub and some bars, and no sign about sauna.” read more


Where is the entrance

Luk on RED Line, Belgrade, Serbia on 2017-12-07

“Where is the entrance to Red Line Sauna???? On the street under number 12 there is a bar, coffee pub and nothing else? The building is huge with 4 floors but where is the entrance????” read more

Best sauna in Tenerife

Joseph on Sauna Babylon, Tenerife, Spain on 2017-12-07

“After having visited other saunas on the island, definitely, Babylon Sauna is the one I liked the most. It is not the biggest, but it is the cleanest. The staff very friendly and helpful. You have flip flops, towels, con...” read more

Refused entry

Marcel on FLEX Sauna, Athens, Greece on 2017-12-07

“I tried to enter with my partner, he is Greek (62), and the guy at the register rejected him. The employees are very rude and unfriendly. Tourists of all ages can enter but not elder Greek men. ” read more

Gay Sauna in Southampton

The Bet Gay Sauna in the South

Michael on Pink Broadway, Southampton, United Kingdom on 2017-12-06

“I have visited five or six times in the past few years and always had a good time. The facilities are always spotless and the staff friendly. As with all saunas it is a bit of a gamble who else will be there, but there i...” read more


Sammy on Saunabar Portsea, London, United Kingdom on 2017-12-06

“I visited here twice during my stay in London and it was great. The masseurs are really good. Love Eric, had a blast. The staff are very friendly.” read more

No to discrimination in Gay places!!!

Jorge on Cocon Music Club, Krakow, Poland on 2017-12-05

“Discrimination/disrespect shouldn´t be tolerated in the gay community, we should be united and speak up when something like that happens. It's a shame that something like that happened to you.” read more

Checkpoint Gay Cologne HIV Testing centre

STD check-up is not free

Bastian on Cologne Checkpoint, Cologne, Germany on 2017-12-05

“No, the rapid HIV test is not free. Nothing in Germany is free.” read more

Like it !

Yuri on The Meat Rack, Madrid, Spain on 2017-12-05

“Was here for the 3rd time. Friendly staff, good music, enough people and nice atmosphere... I like the place and will certainly return...” read more

Felt great

Jack on CDL, Berlin, Germany on 2017-12-05

“Went there 3 nights during a 10-day trip and each time it was amazing. I didn't have any problem with the guy at the door (he was actually really friendly) and also the team at the bar and the crowd were absolutely great...” read more

Oh well..

Edgaras on Gay Sauna Glamour, Vilnius, Lithuania on 2017-12-05

“1.Yes, Sunday is Sunday. Its the last day of the weekend, and everyone decides to spend their last day the way they want - going to sauna, chilling at home etc. 2.You can always ask the reception to keep your shoes so...” read more


Samy on Paradise Dresden, Dresden, Germany on 2017-12-05

“I've been to almost all German cities and never found any problem except with this sauna. The manager met me with unwelcoming face and asked for membership. I am a good looking Middle Eastern 30s man. I told him I am a f...” read more

My FAVE in London!

MrCens on Sweatbox Sauna, London, United Kingdom on 2017-12-04

“Sweatbox is my fave out of 4 saunas I visited in London, the busiest indeed! Although it has not the best facilities but the people coming are mostly young and sexy which most of the time my problem because they are not ...” read more


Aaron on WE Party London @ The Coronet, London, United Kingdom on 2017-12-03

“My first and probably my last. I don't understand what all the hype was about. Firstly, I bought VIP tickets, but I don't think there would've been much difference just buying the regular ticket. No VIP queue upon...” read more