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Overcrowded and noisy

Will on Codigo, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-07-18

“We tried to find a drag show someone recommended Codigo. Well no show here just a man in a dress, we went to contacto and the performance was very funny and entertaining, very different from the geezer in bling at codigo...” read more


Thomas on EDEN Beach Club, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-07-18

“We have been visiting Torremolinos for 10 years now, and after many bad visits, it's time to stop going to Eden Beach Club. The staff think they're better than you and prefer to chat to they're friends rather than provid...” read more

No entry

Yuri on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-18

“was refused to enter : I was told 'only locals'.... I am not very old - fat - ugly - etc..... When I read other reviews I really don't know what they want.... at least they can be clear about it ....” read more

Fantastic hotel

Radek on Atlantic Sun Beach – Gay Men Only, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-07-17

“It was perfect choice and I definitely come back. Hotel is quiet, no parties, no loud music, quiet area. There is only 15 rooms and each has a balcony or terrace. Kitchen is with equipment . Toaster, coffee maker, ke...” read more

Good prices, friendly staff

Adi on codeRED, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-07-17

“I was there Sunday and Saturday and was full. Middle age guys around 30 to 40. In the darkroom all the guys was very passive, trying desperately to find a active guy who didn't show up.” read more

Pot luck

Swithen on Les Bains d’Odessa, Paris, France on 2017-07-17

“Mid-afternoon, mid-week in mid-June was fairly busy - but most men were occupied in the cabins or dark areas. The large steam room was empty - unlike my previous visit when any new talent was instantly devoured by the re...” read more

Prinz Sitges

M. Antonio on Prinz, Sitges, Spain on 2017-07-16

“Prinz bar is open!! Fun and HOT place” read more

Prinz sitges

Mark on Prinz, Sitges, Spain on 2017-07-16

“Great place To be, cool cocktails (great mojitos), good sound, sexy and friendly barmen, got a such a good time! HOT shows and could sing ma tracks. Thanks all you guys.” read more

Sun City Paris Gay Sauna

Same shit happened to me 2 years ago

Henry on Sun City, Paris, France on 2017-07-16

“The man in the entrance said that I was fatigue, which meant that I was drunk.” read more

You need to be a member

Dean on SLM Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden on 2017-07-16

“If you are just visiting Stockholm, the chances are you will not be able to get in unless, you know a member of SLM.” read more

Good night out

Robert on Butterfly Club, Tenerife, Spain on 2017-07-16

“We went on a Saturday night. Got there 11.30pm. Only 3 people there to begin with. Started to get a little bit busier after midnight but didn't really get going till 1am. By 2am there was a good crowd, very mixed and all...” read more

Completely agree

Andy on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-07-16

“Agreed. Great review.” read more

This place is closed

Gonzalo on BOONKER Bar – reported closed, Zagreb, Croatia on 2017-07-15

“This places is closed” read more

Age discrimination

David on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-15

“How on earth in 2017 does this place get away with such blatant discrimination to LGBT citizens. It is right in the heart of the gay district and I have been refused entry on at least 3 occasions due to "A private pa...” read more

The Worst Sauna

Sauna on TEXAS Sauna, Stockholm, Sweden on 2017-07-15

“Been sauna everywhere in Europe from Budupest to Berlin to London and think this is the worst of worst. Feel so disappointed with Sweden standard.” read more

Excellent toasties and excellent service

Pop on GPS Café Bar, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-07-15

“Good snacks, excellent value for money, excellent toasted sandwiches and friendly owners” read more

Indeed an great place

tamir on Der Boiler, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-15

“Went there on a Sunday at about 6pm and left at midnight. Clean, nice atmosphere, hot men of all kind. The locals were welcoming and nice, even if they were not into having sex. There was a very pleasant patio open (sum...” read more


Peter on City of Quebec, London, United Kingdom on 2017-07-15

“£2.48 For a bottle of water is SO overpriced.” read more

Sun City Paris Gay Sauna

If your the right "type" but....

Lou on Sun City, Paris, France on 2017-07-15

“Even then not a friendly vibe at all. Just get the business done!! ” read more

Gay Sauna Number 52 in Newcastle


Mindyour on Number 52, Newcastle, United Kingdom on 2017-07-15

“Staff here are so rude, they should all have a lesson in good customer service and good manners. I wouldn't bother going.” read more

I agree

Andy on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-07-15

“Very much agree” read more

Really good

Andy on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-07-15

“I had a great time. Good facilities, clean and staff were fine.” read more

The boss is friendly and a funny guy

Asian on DARK Sitges Bar (DSB), Sitges, Spain on 2017-07-14

“I went there on Wednesday night, crowd started after midnight, a cozy environment. The boss was entertaining and he gave me a free entry pass to Zona X. I was the only Asian on that night. I'll visit again when back to s...” read more

Gay sauna in Northwich

Wednesday is my fave day

kellyjane on Northwich Sauna, Northwich, United Kingdom on 2017-07-13

“Been going on Wednesday's to the midweek tgirl event for a while now. Was very nervous at first but found the staff-and other girls-very friendly. It's a big place with the opportunities to have fun either in private or ...” read more


Jaba on The Organic Dance Club, Sitges, Spain on 2017-07-13

“Very bad experience . Planned holiday in Sitges and come cross this club which was offering free entry tickets on their website. Went there on Wednesday night with friends whom I promised free entry to the club. Guy deni...” read more


Eric on Sauna Nieuwezijds, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-07-12

“I went there without my residence permit to show that I'm under 26, and the staff was friendly to me, until the manager staff came to me and told me that only residence permit could prove my age, and told me I have to pa...” read more

Open again!

Nick on St Laurent – Eze, Nice, France on 2017-07-12

“The construction work has now finished and access is back to normal :-)” read more

Closure was temporary

R on St Laurent – Eze, Nice, France on 2017-07-12

“It was only closed so they could clean up the construction. Everyone including us hopped the fence :)” read more

Mark kisby

mark on Celts Sauna – Narborough Road, Leicester, United Kingdom on 2017-07-12

“Really welcoming and very friendly staff. Relaxing time.” read more

Drinks added onto bill

Duc on Badehaus Babylon Cologne, Cologne, Germany on 2017-07-12

“They added more drinks than ordered. We found this out when we were at the pool party at CSD. Needless to say our our bill was higher than expected and there were 6 vodka and cranberry juice we didn't have.” read more

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