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TGE Comment on Theatro Club, Malaga, Spain on 2017-06-27

“Its not uncommon for dance clubs (and bars) to prevent people wearing flip-flops from entering. This is a health and safety issue as broken glass on the floor is very common in these venues. As for no vests.. surprising....” read more


Matt on BOONKER Bar, Zagreb, Croatia on 2017-06-27

“Excellent at weekend evenings!” read more

Rude staff

Sam on Vault 139, London, United Kingdom on 2017-06-27

“The place was fairly clean. Poor ventilation, got high with the smell of poppers in the air. But the worst bit was the guy selling tickets. Treats customers as though he is doing them a favour to get in. ” read more


Mark on Cruising Canyon, Geneva, Switzerland on 2017-06-26

“Friendly receptionist, probably the owner who brings with him a cute and a playful pet dog. Definitely a good place to go. Crowd is mostly matured gay men but you wont leave the place without a smile on your face.” read more

No vests???

Ronny on Theatro Club, Malaga, Spain on 2017-06-26

“To walk up to a nightclub the first person you see is that door staff, the security at this place are miserable and rude, they turned away 8 customers, one because he was wearing flip-flops and 2 because they were wearin...” read more

Good venue but rubbish music

Ray on GMF @ Weekend Club, Berlin, Germany on 2017-06-26

“It's a great venue but the music is the same old techno with DJs who obese over baseline. Pop floor is more like a radio station.” read more


Ray on Factory Club by Connection, Berlin, Germany on 2017-06-26

“Visited for the 'Labrinth' night, venue was empty and cold. It's not a new club, it is the old Connection sex shop that's been turned into a club. The few guys in there were not up for anything just walking round and rou...” read more

Small basement

Neil on The Big Scrum, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2017-06-26

“Visited Manchester for the big scrum, total waste of time. The photos make it look a lot better then it is. It's held in a small basement of Cruz 101 and not the main area. Few guys inside, mostly overweight age 50 plus....” read more

First time in Europe

David on The Cuckoo’s Nest, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-06-26

“My first time getting laid in Europe was here. Varied crowd. It was nice to see more than twinks (which is not my thing). The play area is a bit seedy and overly dark, but I know a lot of guys like that. Met some nice pe...” read more

Fun times for moi

David on SecteurX, Paris, France on 2017-06-26

“I have been to plenty of cruising bars over the years. This one was pretty awesome. It wasn't a rip-off (no cover). The drinks were reasonably priced; my Perrier was under five euros. The staff were friendly. If you have...” read more

Must visit when in London

Donald on VILLAGE Soho, London, United Kingdom on 2017-06-25

“Surprised no-one has left a review about Village Soho since 2013. This really is one of London's most iconic gay bars. The location at the end of Compton Street means you cannot really miss it when visiting Soho. Packed ...” read more

Not sure

Ander on Bunkier Club, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-06-25

“Visited this club one friday. Strange people. Nothing about age, body or nudity. Attitude problem. Didn't feel welcome and felt uncomfortable. Good luck !!!!!” read more

Very attractive men

Remo on Vault 139, London, United Kingdom on 2017-06-25

“I was there last Thursday for the first night at their "Stripped Event". A lot of attractive men were participating, most between 25 and 45. There was a lot of activities at around 11.30.” read more

Tired and outdated

Michael on Jackie O’, Mykonos, Greece on 2017-06-25

“Same tired old drag queen, doing the same tired old routine, in the same tired old fishnet tights miming badly to a couple of songs - when did the gay community become so accepting of low standards? - drinks are expensiv...” read more

Disappointing- ruined by the security

Dave on BJ’s White Swan, London, United Kingdom on 2017-06-25

“Haven't been to this place for 4 or 5 years maybe so dropped by Saturday night. I remember the place being busy, lots of locals, unpretentious, no frills and a fun night out. That was when they had both sides of the bu...” read more

Nothing that amazing

michael on At54, Mykonos, Greece on 2017-06-25

“visited on my first night in Mykonos mainly due to the reviews, this is the old Ramrod bar - no guesses why they needed to re-brand from the obvious cliche - didn't really see it as anything outstanding - yes the staff w...” read more

Bad service

Oleg on Lab-oratory @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany on 2017-06-25

“I visited the club some times in the past and came back more and more, but last time I felt so happens in the club, no atmosphere, the main thing bad staff is unfriendly, I don't want receive this service, don't come bac...” read more

Disappointing margarita

Maylys & Ariane on El Rincón Guay, Madrid, Spain on 2017-06-24

“We were very disappointed by the service, drinks and brownie. The margarita is made with bitter false lemon juice, without any ice or salt. I couldn't even drink half of it, even though I love margaritas! The brownie...” read more

One of the best Clubs in Europe!

Andreas V. on F56, Vienna, Austria on 2017-06-24

“Great Club: they have plenty of Slings, gyn-chairs, dark room and other dark corners! Very clean und absolutly friendly bar tenders! Cannot agree with the review of "Rainer": for € 14,00 you not only get entrance and2 ...” read more

The Boiler Room Sauna Hove

Very nice

H on The Boiler Room Sauna, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-06-24

“Every time I visit there plenty of well-endowed tops. Only problem is that rooms are quite hot and if you have more than 2-3 people in gets really hot. Be careful people bareback without permission.” read more

What has happened to The Greenhouse – Darlaston???

Private on The Greenhouse Sauna – Darlastan, Darlastan, United Kingdom on 2017-06-24

“I remember going on a Wednesday 2/3 years ago and the cellar would be FULL particularly in the afternoon. Was back there recently at the same time on a Wednesday and nobody!!! Where has everyone gone?” read more

Another one so typical for bears

Alastair on AQUA Club, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-06-23

“The place is not bad, they've got a terrace and a disco with a huge darkroom, but it's not my cup of tea. It's like a sauna, bears naked and sweated. Each to their own, good for cruising.” read more

Re- opening = meh

j on Sauna Nieuwezijds, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-06-23

“I was excited about the reopening! I arrived at 7pm. Toilet floor still flooded with the water from shower. (and vise versa) which is too nasty. (always wear flip flops!!) No toilet paper in two toilets. Of all the thi...” read more

Star City gay sauna in Paris

Too expensive, nothing in return

Dark on Star City, Paris, France on 2017-06-23

“I went there on mid-June, paid 42 euros for combined ticket. Around 23:00 there were only 4 men, later arrived two ladies. There was no action, they sat at the lobby and chatted with guys working there. I think the ladie...” read more

The one & Only in Den Haag

Jody on Sauna FiDES, The Hague, Netherlands on 2017-06-23

“Try them without a high expectation because there is a day when you left remain full and there is a day you left satisfied, being the one & only Gay sauna in Den Haag, try it for yourself then you can comment on how ...” read more

You are wrong

Paul UK on Beach 19 @ Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-06-22

“Why should anyone clean up after You?? Do you leave it to your mother to clean up after you. get real - be clean” read more

Yes it is the best beach in Europe

Paul on Beach 19 @ Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-06-22

“It is magnificent. I bring a bag and bring my empty plastic bottles and orange peel back to the bins in the car park. For men who have sex with men it is pretty disgusting to find that while they act responsibly by using...” read more

gay bar in Warsaw


Marcel on Mask Club, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-06-22

“The club is rather empty... ” read more

Tue or Fri

Marcel on codeRED, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-06-22

“The best on Tue or Fri. A lot of nice guys. The staff should learn English, but is not bad. Guys and men speak English.” read more

Probably one of the best gay beaches in the world.

joe on Beach 19 @ Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-06-22

“Summer time, it is packed with gay men. Half of them fully naked, sun tanned. A lot of action in the bushes. You can find young men, older men, bears, well...everything. The beach itself is nice, clean and safe. Some wei...” read more