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Good place

George on Bizzar Club, Athens, Greece on 2017-08-20

“I went with my friends last Saturday. Good music with great Greek music, nice guys at the bar. I loved the all atmosphere. Looks like local beloved bars where have always fun.” read more


chris on Buddha Bar, Benidorm, Spain on 2017-08-20

“My partner & I spent 3 nights here and hosts Marcus & Toby were very friendly and made us feel so welcome. They serve over 50 different cocktails. Well worth a visit, we will return again.” read more

Friendly and clean

Barry on The Greenhouse Sauna – Darlastan, Darlastan, United Kingdom on 2017-08-20

“I visited the sauna today 20th August 2017. The entrance fee has gone up to £16.00 now. The staff were very friendly. The place looked clean from what I saw. The pool was nice and cool but the steam room was to hot f...” read more


Trevor on Steamworks, Edinburgh, United Kingdom on 2017-08-20

“@William15-09-2016 Just what do you define as VWE? What might seem small to you could be large & attractive to someone else! It's a well-known fact that the smaller a guy is when flacid the more he's going to gain ...” read more

Such mediocrity

Sam on Pleasuredrome, London, United Kingdom on 2017-08-20

“I have been a few times hoping that it would be better. It is shocking the price you pay - no proper rooms to enjoy ones self unless you pay extra. H&S risks in certain areas. Compared to any spa / sauna in Europ...” read more

The Boiler Room Sauna Hove


john on The Boiler Room Sauna, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-08-20

“Got there early for a full fun day, met so many tops I left with a big smile on my face. A really great place to go to have fun. ” read more


Tom on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-08-20

“This place was a huge disappointment. It is just a dark, seedy cruise club with rude staff (welcome to Berlin!) and several average-looking "divas" in their mid to late 40s, just sitting around smoking cigarettes (in a v...” read more

I agree

tony on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-08-19

“I had an amazing time.” read more

Great venue get men

Tony on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-08-19

“I recently had a few weeks in Barcelona (July 2017) and visited Thermas sauna - clean venue, helpful staff and great guys. That said it was not perfect but I am old enough to have realistic expectations. I am a matu...” read more

Good food, good drinks & friendly staff

Ray on El Gato Lounge, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-08-19

“We ate a late lunch there and went back for drinks the next day. Most of the food served on that street is not great. It's tourist food. But El Gato is different. It's very good!” read more

Bien pero...

Jos on The Meat Rack, Madrid, Spain on 2017-08-19

“A ver, el sitio está bien... es cierto que siempre hay 'mejorables' (¿por qué no aparece más papel cuando se acaba???) pero el lugar es un bueno. El problema es que no atrae más que a la misma gente y escasa... res...” read more

Bad hamam

Tayoub on Tahiri Galatasaray Hamam, Istanbul, Turkey on 2017-08-19

“I agree with you” read more


Mike on Scheune, Berlin, Germany on 2017-08-19

“Loved the club! Sleazy and kinky a little bit. If you don't like smoking, come only on Sunday, for a naked party. The only thing that worries me is so many guys playing raw...” read more

Social club, not a cruise club

Mike on WOOF Berlin, Berlin, Germany on 2017-08-19

“Definitely go there to socialise. If you look for any action, go somewhere else. Very small dark room. The club itself is pretty small as well. Liked it, but only to have a beer.” read more

Great fun!

Mike on TOM’S Bar, Berlin, Germany on 2017-08-19

“Love the club, love the dark room! Very crowded on weekends, lot of action. Every time I visit Berlin I reserve at least one night for Tom's!” read more

One of the best gay saunas in Europe!

Mike on Der Boiler, Berlin, Germany on 2017-08-19

“Absolutely loved it! Plenty of space, plenty of guys mixed age and types. Loved the steam sauna and the labirynths of the dark room (though could be bigger). Come earlier during weekends - first time, I had to stand in h...” read more


Neil on Lads Locker Room, Bristol, United Kingdom on 2017-08-19

“Awful place. Met a guy who was just as keen to get out of there.” read more

Love this place

Zack on The Brighton Sauna, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-08-18

“Everything works ok, not sure what the other guy is on about. Loads of stuff being done.” read more

Nudist Section

Gary on San Sebastià & Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-08-18

“There is a section of the beach where you drop your swimmers. You would be in a minority though. The section is marked in the boardwalk stones in several languages and is near the southern San Sebastia end.” read more

Best bar none

Laura on The Riding Room, Glasgow, United Kingdom on 2017-08-17

“Amazing atmosphere, staff and entertainment. Not only are the cocktails fun and "gay" - but they staff are just as fun with their humor and cheeky smiles. A night of great joy and love to be shared. I will definitely be ...” read more

Not a gay gym anymore

Sebastian on Fit For Free, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-08-16

“Gay men get in fights with young straight male at the sauna. The gay men want to cruise. But it's not a gay gym. Some gay men got beaten up outside the gym, because they flirt with straight guys. So be careful what you ...” read more

Small and dark

Hhh on H2O Sauna – Benidorm, Benidorm, Spain on 2017-08-16

“I visited many saunas; did u remember the German one? OK, FORGET IT! ...this sauna is very small, dark and dirty... people smoke everywhere and it's so hot that you cant breath. These are just 2 rooms called sauna. Will ...” read more

Only one gay sauna in Berlin!

Lil Kim on Der Boiler, Berlin, Germany on 2017-08-16

“So how come a huge (and ever expanding) city like Berlin has ONLY ONE gay sauna? The owner of this venue must be very happy about that.” read more


Nice for Belgrade

Bojan on RED Line, Belgrade, Serbia on 2017-08-15

“Very nice place. Only sauna in Belgrade. Not many people, but enough for action.” read more

Crazy small

Luca on Sauna Nieuwezijds, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-08-15

“I was there at 5 pm on a Monday and I have never seen such a collection of old people. The place was very small (just dry sauna) and an overcrowded jacuzzi. No steaming room and nothing else so I wonder if a floor or ...” read more

Rude staff

Yves on Hòmens, Valencia, Spain on 2017-08-15

“Very unfriendly staff, it used to be good, but now it sucks (and I don't mean the cocks) if you hate gay men or don't want to work: STOP keeping it open.” read more

Selling feature?

Lou on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-08-15

“Was that a selling feature????” read more

I had fun! (on a Monday night)

Kevin on NAKED Bar Madrid, Madrid, Spain on 2017-08-15

“The idea of hanging out naked and drinking a few beers seemed fun and so I went to Naked around 23:30 last night. It is small (five bar stools at the bar) but there is enough room in the front room for guys to also stan...” read more

Very dark, but hot guys

Paul on Sauna Thermas 205, Porto, Portugal on 2017-08-14

“Sauna and steam room are extremely dark, you will hit your face cause you don't see anything. Sauna is cold like 30 to 40 °C. No jacuzzi/hot pool as mentioned above. Private rooms have no mattress. A hard stone only.....” read more

No thanks

Jackie on RAIDD Bar, Paris, France on 2017-08-14

“Paying over priced drinks just to see some go go dancer having shower rubbing their crotch?! No thx, I mean NO! There's no city like New York x” read more