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Alex on Gay Sauna Finland, Rotterdam, Netherlands on 2018-02-19

“I've visited Sauna Finland several times in the last two years while visiting for work. It's always very friendly and plenty of action for a 50 yo man like me. Some young beautiful guys who are looking for daddies like m...” read more

Clean and relatively smart place

Stephen on The Stable, London, United Kingdom on 2018-02-19

“Visited around lunchtime, early afternoon on a weekday; it was surprisingly busy - not packed but enough people not to feel alone. It is very clean compared to other places and reception staff member was very pleasant. ...” read more

Gay Sauna in Leeds


James on Steam Complex, Leeds, United Kingdom on 2018-02-18

“I thought the other steam was shabby, this one is awful. The place is massive but only has a tiny sauna and no steam room, the pool was filthy (couldn’t see bottom). Whoever owns this has just taken over a swingers clu...” read more

Eastern relaxation in Krakow, in the heart of Europe

Igor on Eden VIP Team – Krakow, Krakow, Poland on 2018-02-18

“Visited in Feb 2018. Pleasant environment, kind and professional staff (Nataniel). Felt relaxed, yet energised after the massage. What I saw on their website I got delivered (no gimmicks!) Will be back again. Thank you!” read more

Mi preferido!

david on Nightbarcelona, Barcelona, Spain on 2018-02-18

“Cada día animado, ambiente sin postureo.” read more

Turned away

Nikolaus on Pleasuredrome, London, United Kingdom on 2018-02-18

“I live round the corner. I have lived in London for 14 years. I have been to to this sauna before. Today I tried to go there with my boyfriend. I got turned away because the ‘bouncer’ thought I was off my face on dru...” read more

Highlight quality, Hotel ambiance

Andri on Angels Events, Zurich, Switzerland on 2018-02-18

“ANGELS Parties are in the Top of Eurepean gay Parties and trendsetter in Central Europe: young People, super DJs, hot dancers, spectacular lightshoes, fantastic Visuals on LED screens, peaceful atmosphere. Thank you” read more

Amazing sauna

Nik on FLEX Sauna, Athens, Greece on 2018-02-18

“Best sauna in Athens and one of best in Europe” read more

Gay Sauna in Dundee


Davy on No.11 Sauna – currently CLOSED, Dundee, United Kingdom on 2018-02-17

“No unfortunately not , just said would reopen again when they were able too” read more

Totally Cool

Paul on Café Mankind, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2018-02-17

“It's a cool, down to earth place with a happy mixed clientele- everyone is welcome and made welcome. Food is good cafe pub food. Staff are wonderful. Go out of their way to make one feel at home” read more


Guilherme on Sauna Camoes, Porto, Portugal on 2018-02-17

“The staff very friendly . Sauna very nice and clean. Has a good price. 7,50€. I hope to. Come back” read more


Armando on Sauna Camoes, Porto, Portugal on 2018-02-17

“Fantástico.” read more

Always my pleasure

Thorsten on MEN Only, Mannheim, Germany on 2018-02-17

“I love this bar since the first time I was there. Pleasant atmosphere, pleasant guests and a lovely owner.” read more

Gay Sauna in Dundee

Closed ??

Golf on No.11 Sauna – currently CLOSED, Dundee, United Kingdom on 2018-02-17

“Hi is there any update on the situation for the regular customers ?” read more


TGE on Thermas Romeo, Valencia, Spain on 2018-02-17

“Dear Nevets. Our apologies for the out of date information. Seems like the hours have changed since we last visited. We have updated our site accordingly.” read more


James on Sauna Basaky, Alicante, Spain on 2018-02-17

“Been here several times, throughly recommend. Yes it’s very dark but make your way to the sauna or steam room and let your eyes adjust and you’re off. Brilliant steam room, lots of cabins, gloryhole booths. If you wa...” read more

Very nice, interesting place

Alex on Firuzaga Hamami, Istanbul, Turkey on 2018-02-17

“All men are bear type mainly. I like this place.” read more

Unfriendly staff, empty

#Tim on Plastic Ivy Sauna, Dewsbury, United Kingdom on 2018-02-16

“Unfriendly staff all need training in 'customer service'. Very few clients all 5 times I have been there - empty, waste of money and time. will not bother anymore. ” read more


a on Love Dance Point, Istanbul, Turkey on 2018-02-16

“is there darkroom too ? can u explain more plz” read more


Dennis on JJ Private Bar-Sauna, Benidorm, Spain on 2018-02-16

“Great place to visit. Great barman named Alan, one of the best gay bars and sauna in Benidorm.” read more

What a friendly place

Nevets on TRAPEZZIO Café, Valencia, Spain on 2018-02-16

“Visited yesterday, first time in Valencia. The barman was friendly and efficient. Took time to explain the city's venues. Drinks were reasonable price.” read more


Nevets on Thermas Romeo, Valencia, Spain on 2018-02-16

“Visited this yesterday based on the information provided by this website. After a twelve Euro taxi fare I discovered it was closed at 22.30!” read more

Not a friendly place...get what u need and get out!

Malaysian on Heaven, Prague, Czech Republic on 2018-02-15

“It was not a friendly place...many locals hang out among themselves...the crowd is not much at the cruising area but you will get what you’re looking for eventually. Try it!” read more

Seek & you shall find ;)

Malaysian on Drake’s Club Prague, Prague, Czech Republic on 2018-02-15

“This place is just fantastic. Mixed drama...guys are straight forward... if you like go for it...if not..just sit around the bar and have a drink or two... chat with the hot bar men or people who are just extr...” read more

I'm not sure

Alex on The Stable, London, United Kingdom on 2018-02-15

“Was there on a Friday night. I was impressed by the facilities, but it was a bit quiet - not many people, and not much action. So I wasn't having much fun. But then I got off with a very hot guy and went home happy. If y...” read more

Good music and safe venue

Gernot on Homomat @ Re:FRESH club, Bratislava, Slovakia on 2018-02-15

“Had a blast there in September 2016! Came there by bus from Vienna two more times and stayed until 4:30 am. Made new friends across the table in the restaraunt above. Friendly venue :)” read more

Birmingham BDSM

Shaun on Boltz, Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2018-02-15

“This is a bar for men... not flaming queens. Its a mens looking for men bar... maybe involving people into fetish clothing and possible BDSM...its up to you to explore” read more

Always good fun

Mark on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2018-02-15

“I was here several times and had always good action via gloryhole and not only. Best time between 17.00 and 22.00 during the week, and weekend all afternoon and evening. --> for quick fun always good.” read more

Not a typical Gay Event

Noisemaker on Lovepop Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany on 2018-02-15

“Cool queer party with a mix through all kinds of music and people. Not a typical gay party... Rihanna meets Prodigy and Placebo!” read more

Best gay club in Birmingham

Shaun on Boltz, Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2018-02-15

“This is a club for men who like men, its a big place compared to other bars/ clubs and its filled with dark colours and you can relax and chill or go and play. Leather, rubber, skin gear, pups, gas masks you can wear wha...” read more