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Needs to get rid of lazer lighting

liam on EAGLE Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom on 2016-12-10

“Friendly staff, but I felt really dizzy and nauseaus after a while due to the large amount of lazer lights constantly flickering in my eyes. Please turn them off!” read more

Newbie FF

Al on Club Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2016-12-09

“Was in search of my first FF and so feeling a bit shy and self-conscious - but visited this place and it was great: friendly at door and bar; lots of action, no hassles. Had two FF sessions with a couple of hot tops - on...” read more

First time visit

Steve on Unit 2 Sauna, Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2016-12-09

“Had a great time got some action decided I'm gonna go at least once week. Staff are friendly” read more

A horrible place

Dan on Nashe Spa, Moscow, Russia on 2016-12-08

“A dirty disgusting place, full of tobacco smoke. Most visitors are drunk 50+ men. Commercial offers at every step. Small dirty steam house, half-broken showers. It's just a waste of time and (especially) money to go ther...” read more

Hope someone will bring it to live!

holy on Gay Sauna Finland, Rotterdam, Netherlands on 2016-12-08

“Wondered how this sauna might looks like, visited once and perhaps will not be there again, sauna was rather died atmosphere where older loves to go to relax their minds. Never try never know!” read more

As simple as it is

holy on Sauna FiDES, The Hague, Netherlands on 2016-12-08

“Easy access from the Grote Kerk as well as city center! Simple sauna & steam! Cold environment & fit for 'Silver' lovers only!” read more

Worth a visit!

Simon on Taragon Steam, Sofia, Bulgaria on 2016-12-08

“The sauna is compact but the quality of the guys is great, definitely worth a visit. The owner is very nice and friendly and speaks perfect English. Check it out and see yourself.” read more

Covers all the essentials

Ian on Les Bains-Douches, Nice, France on 2016-12-07

“Discretely situated in a prime location this sauna inhabits three floors of it's own building. Well maintained and clean, it offers the usual steam room, sauna, video room, spa pool, bar and cabins. Despite a nautical th...” read more

Apollo has become Steamworks

Alex on Steam Works (Apollo Splash Club), Berlin, Germany on 2016-12-07

“I was recently in Berlin and during my stay The Apollo became Steamworks. The escorts or hustlers are gone, the place has been remodeled, both times that I went there it was packed and crowded and a lot of action was ha...” read more

A rip off

Francisco on Metropol-Sauna, Frankfurt, Germany on 2016-12-07

“The price is not clear anywhere. 18:50€ to get in...and then 1,50€ for the slippers. Not many people and they don't take credit cards. Don't even bother. Go to Berlín instead.” read more


Richard on South Factory Club (SFC), Catania, Italy on 2016-12-06

“Spacious sauna but careless .5 showers, of which only two working with a thin jet of water and often cold. Jacuzzi even this cold and very chlorinated. The floor around the whirlpool and the showers, increasingly wet and...” read more

Gay friendly hotel

victor25 on A for Athens, Athens, Greece on 2016-12-06

“Nice boutique hotel. No problem allowing visitors to the room. Beautiful and friendly gay oriented staff. Perfect location and just 10 minutes walk from Gazi.” read more

Good impression

Brunon on Blue XL, Krakow, Poland on 2016-12-05

“After exploring Krakow I found this is best action-oriented gay place here, very well designed for cruising. Alot of space, men-only allowed, leaves good impression.” read more

Good value

Bryan on Sauna Portugal, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2016-12-04

“Good but surprised by lack of condoms and any towels / tissue to wipe up any 'fluids'. Slippers nice touch. Very clean though.” read more

Please change the doorman

Berlinlover on Lab-oratory @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany on 2016-12-04

“The doorman is really horrible, he is just arrogant and stupid just rejected me and 2 friends of mine without reason. I don't know if that's right in Germany, such a situation I never lived at my life.” read more

@Learn German - Attitude

Alan on Lab-oratory @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany on 2016-12-04

“First, stop using exclamation marks, if you are English, just makes you look stupid. Second, it costs nothing to have manners, especially when dealing with tourists, do you expect everyone to learn the language for all ...” read more


w0rms on The Locker Room, London, United Kingdom on 2016-12-04

“Been here a couple of times and have to say it's simply Awesome! Friendly, great atmosphere and facilities and clientele are equally great and respectful too. Forgot to mention this place is Excellent Value too! Was nerv...” read more

A place for hot distractions...

Phil on BOONKER Bar, Zagreb, Croatia on 2016-12-04

“Small but rather crowded at week-ends. Nice owners. Go there instead of Denis which is really going downhill.” read more

Cruisy area nightly

Mauro on Playa de Palm-Mar, Tenerife, Spain on 2016-12-04

“At the dark end around midnight, when guest and workers leave the bars, couples enjoy there or get servant jobs. Lighted places are meeting points for hetero couples. Very private area nightly, with cosy seats at pomenad...” read more

Ukraine guy

K on Europa Multiclub (EMC), Rome, Italy on 2016-12-04

“I have been here this December. I can say that it is the best place for hot Saturday. It is very clean and a lot of entertament. The prices on bar is very friendly like a staff. Good place and better then the busy clubs....” read more

Foreigner are not welcome for some stuff

Secret on Sun City, Paris, France on 2016-12-03

“I been to this sauna 4 times while being in Paris.. One of the French staff at the entrance give some passes for people to access a dance club near by but he don't give the tickets to Foreigners. Me and my French friends...” read more

Friendly Society Gay Bar London Entrance


Jake on Friendly Society, London, United Kingdom on 2016-12-03

“This is a great place; however they have recently increased their cocktail prices from £9 to £10.50........this is a huge jump in price and may now just be their downfall. Always busy but the increase in drink prices w...” read more

Nice place but SMELLY

Jan on Sweatbox Sauna, London, United Kingdom on 2016-12-03

“Nice big sauna but in few areas I really [did not like] -steam room opposite showers and some cabins. Also some areas need urgent renovations. I remember first months, years when they opened/ it was much better .” read more

Loved it

Simon on SPArtacus Bear Sauna, Rome, Italy on 2016-12-02

“Went there during the afternoon and I thought it would be empty at that time (Monday 4pm?), yet there were enough people to have fun ;) My Italian is not good to be honest, but the Italian men who were there were really ...” read more

Fun fun fun

Shane on The FOX, Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2016-12-01

“Have had the best time in the Fox, friendly people, bar staff are lovely and there is a mix of music for people to enjoy. Has a beer garden and smoking area and you can dance on the benches to your favourite tunes. Been ...” read more

On and off

Mick on TRUT, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2016-12-01

“It's all about music for me, and music there is hit or miss... mostly miss actually!” read more

Infamous big club with a very amazing, inviting and attractive underground athosphere.

William on At Substation, Madrid, Spain on 2016-11-30

“Due to is a private club, there´s a very strict door policy, they has a mandatory membership, so you have to show your passport or id on door and sign to get inside. I found different types and ages of men into fetish,...” read more

Rather neglected

Mike on SPLASH Sauna – Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom on 2016-11-30

“Good location and good size building. Shame it looks like it hasn't been touched since the 1980''s. Very poor when you compare it to other saunas in UK cities! Was also very quiet but I was there on a Tuesday night ...” read more

David V

James on Brighton Four Hands Massage, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2016-11-30

“It was an amazing and relaxing service, it was my first 4 hands massage and they made me feel really comfortable. Super sexy and genuine guys. Private facilities.” read more

Great beach, bad service

Ron on Elia Beach, Mykonos, Greece on 2016-11-29

“My friends and I have been coming to this beach for 10 years. The beach is so beautiful, but sadly it is ruined by the bad service of the of the company that provides the chairs and food. The waiters are like "fly's" try...” read more

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