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Very disappointed!

A on Lab-oratory @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany on 2017-02-18

“I was there last year, firstly it seemed to be like a paradise for anyone who like sex ;) but some of the waiters were really rude ! One of the waiters kept charging me stuffs I didn't bought, the first time I said nothi...” read more

A London visitor to Athens.

Graham on Alexander Sauna, Athens, Greece on 2017-02-18

“Went on Wednesday - so good returned again on Thursday! Clean, good facilities, friendly staff. Was shown around on Weds - when leaving on Thursday, manager invited me to join their carnival party in street outside sauna...” read more

Clean & friendly

Kim on Sauna Babylon, Tenerife, Spain on 2017-02-18

“Visiting from Copenhagen. My first visit to Sauna Boss. About 10 guys, action not that much, but after 1 hour I learned how it works: action is in the dark, not in public. I miss a sling at this place, would rise wit...” read more


Marc on ZEN Garden, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-02-17

“Tomek est un spécialiste et très délicat. Son massage tantrique est une vraie expérience. On sort léger et décontracté avec le sentiment d'avoir surmonté son état dépressif et une nouvelle énergie transmise! ...” read more


William on Brighton Four Hands Massage, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-02-17

“I have had sensual massages before but nothing compared to these guys!! Very handsome couple and really good with their hands.” read more

Didn't make it past the door

Tony on Sauna Principe, Madrid, Spain on 2017-02-16

“Arrived just before 9pm today rang the bell and then got waved away. No signs saying it was closed and I had checked the website and nothing there. Will try again on Saturday” read more

Good experience

JC on Querell Cruising Club, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-02-16

“I went to a Naked night on a Sunday as I missed the masked night on Saturday. Nice friendly welcome. Quiet enough but nice atmosphere. Entry includes 2 beers or spirit and mixer for 10 euro so good value. A small dan...” read more

Great Community Bar

JC on Men’s Bar, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-02-16

“Lovely bar with a friendly welcome. Older crowd but really relaxed. Starts late like all the others !” read more

Really positive experience !

JC on Apolo Sauna Cabaret, Torremolinos, Spain on 2017-02-16

“I was there on a Saturday afternoon. Really friendly welcome. The place is spotless and the facilities are really nice. Great steam room especially and Jacuzzi. It's a little out of the main town about 30 mins walk but w...” read more


Jean-Michel on Malabar Station, Nice, France on 2017-02-16

“J'allais au malabar depuis des années. Mais les patrons Marc et David ont décidé de donner carte blanche à leur nouveau jeune serveur. Depuis il faut, en semaine, s'acquitter de 8€ entrée+vestiaire pour un coca li...” read more

Good little place

Joe on Unit 2 Sauna, Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2017-02-15

“Went there today, very pleasant staff blond kid (Rick I think??) and the Spanish fella made me feel very welcome, one of them showed me around. This is a small sauna but nice and more importantly clean. Not sure what sor...” read more

Why not

John on Club 3000, Brussels, Belgium on 2017-02-15

“Accepted this is not the cleaner and best sauna in the world but still it has something. Curious building plenty of corners and guys willing to play, not simply looking and evaluating each other. Your place if you look f...” read more

Nice club

Dimis on Bizzar Club, Athens, Greece on 2017-02-15

“Nice club with good music even Saturdays Cheap drinks at 6 euros Recommended” read more

What I was looking for

max on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-02-14

“I went for the 3rd time in Thermas, and found exactly what I was looking for: beautiful men, very sexy, and had a very good time with 2 of them, hot Brazilians. Definitely a good place to live your phantasm. I am a clien...” read more

Best in Europe

J on Der Boiler, Berlin, Germany on 2017-02-14

“Best time to go is Sunday from 2/3pm - leaving time will be when you run out of energy because the hot guys just keep on coming - make sure you hit the gym prior and get buffed up really good otherwise as some other revi...” read more


alana on The Brighton Sauna, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-02-14

“I went several times last year (visiting Brighton) I'm going again next week on Monday and naked day. It's just got better and better in every way. Love the dark room- easiest place to find someone, everything clean and ...” read more

Best cruising place ever

J on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-02-14

“Its true about guys getting turned away - but that's the reason I go here - I know everyone inside is under 50 and gone to gym hung and ready to get off - You can go on a Monday afternoon at 2pm and be alone in there hea...” read more

Mercurial Man

John Hugh on Café de Estraperlo, Malaga, Spain on 2017-02-14

“This is a little gem, which one has a certain reluctance to share.. nuroses free crowd, very mixed and prone to engage with strangers. No 'villagers' freezing out occasional visitors, which are many and varied and surpri...” read more

Very dark

Karlo on Sauna Basaky, Alicante, Spain on 2017-02-13

“Very dark you cannot see the people faced no lights and the receptionist don't speak English” read more

Great Venue

Alex on Heroes Health Club, Stourbridge, United Kingdom on 2017-02-13

“Love this place. Discrete, safe and welcoming. Very modern, spotlessly clean. Always found all the staff to be very friendly, the one young guy is very funny, wicked sense of humour, and the older guy is a true gent. Som...” read more

Stammer gay cruise club in Brussels

Very dirty nightmare

Kevin on Stammbar, Brussels, Belgium on 2017-02-13

“Ouch. By far the dirtiest cruise club on Earth. No condom, no paper, no trash can in any cabin. I let you imagine how dirty the ground and walls are at 3.00. No staff to clean like in any sauna or real cruise club. Don't...” read more


Latino4xxxl on Sauna Paraiso, Madrid, Spain on 2017-02-13

“I had the pleasure to visit at the end of january around 3am till 9am and it was busy full of guys all ages and shapes.. was very very horny... I wish I could have stayed longer... def be back...” read more

Great bar but rude door staff.

Anna on Boombox, Belfast, United Kingdom on 2017-02-13

“Ignore the girl who takes your money and stamps you - rude as! But the bar staff are great, the drag queens give a great show and brilliant music to dance to.” read more


Steve on Teds Place, London, United Kingdom on 2017-02-12

“Great place to go to meet some sexy trans girls. Sunday night is fantastic.” read more


Latino4 on boyberry Madrid, Madrid, Spain on 2017-02-12

“I have been to this bar three times!! Every time I go I find what I'm looking for!! Mainly I like Top XL men and I found them here eager, up for it every time I went. The place is massive if u come in the evening ...” read more

Amazing place

Phil on Heroes Health Club, Stourbridge, United Kingdom on 2017-02-12

“Fun friendly environment. Roy was amazing and very entertaining, facilities beautifully clean. Me and my friends always have a great time here. Love the jacuzzi here. Ignore the negative comments every week I visit heroe...” read more


Obie on Heroes Health Club, Stourbridge, United Kingdom on 2017-02-12

“This Sauna is great, very clean and should be visited, I have no issues with staff, albeit I don't go on week days very often. The mature guy is great and is one of the lads! I prefer Heroes to others around the Midland...” read more

Perfect for older guys

Ron on Saunawerk, Frankfurt, Germany on 2017-02-12

“Nice mixed crowd and perfect for 50 somethings to find someone younger or same age. Lots of choices.” read more

Swen Reuter

Swen on SPA Massages ‘Beauty Bay’, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-02-12

“The best SPA on the Island. Verry friendly staff.” read more


Friedrich on boyberry Madrid, Madrid, Spain on 2017-02-11

“Smelly, dirty, toilets are a disaster (typical of Spain). Good drinks, some of the staff are friendly. Good mix of types and ages...a decided anti-foreigner attitude:. I met a good looking guy, when I spoke in English, h...” read more

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