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Our roundup of gay-owned businesses, service providers and LGBT organisations in Reyjkavik.

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Trans Iceland

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Trans Iceland was founded in 2007 and has since then been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of trans people in various fields, as well as being a social hub for trans people.

The group host regular social events which they publish on their Facebook page and are welcoming of all trans people, including non-binary and genderqueer folks.

In the summer, they have a yearly barbecue party where friends and allies are more than welcome to join.

| Updated: 20-06-2017

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Suðurgata 3, Reykjavik | map | distance

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The National Queer Organization (Samtökin ‘78)

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Samtökin ‘78 is an activist group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community in Iceland.

The organisation’s goal is for LGBTQIA people to be visible and recognised and enjoy their rights to the fullest. Located in the Reykjavik city centre.

| Updated: 26-08-2017

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Q – Queer Student Association (Q – Félag)

University of Iceland, Reykjavik | map | distance

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Q – Félag (formerly known as ‘FSS’) is a gay student association established in 1999.

Their goal is to provide social rights for LGBTQ individuals as well as raise awareness of LGBT-related issues within the University of Iceland.

| Updated: 15-06-2017

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