Santorini Gay Beaches

Naturally, the island of Santorini is home to many beaches. The two most gay-popular beaches are Columbo Beach and Vlychada Beach.

Coloumbo Beach, Santorini | map | distance

Columbo Beach

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Perhaps the most secluded and unspoiled beach, located on the north east coast of Santorni (about 4 km from Oia and 12 km from Fira).

Columbo Beach is popular with gay visitors, sunbathers and nudists who like a bit more privacy. This quiet beach is covered in black-grey sand, tiny pebbles, and there is a cave nearby. The beach can be accessed by car or motorcycle.

Park your vehicle on the street, then follow a narrow path that leads to the beach. Food and drinks are scarce here, so it’s a good idea to bring your own supplies.

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Vlychada, Santorini | map | distance

Vlychada Beach

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Located in south Santorini, Vlychada Beach (also known as “Moon Beach”) is famous for its moon-shaped landscape, dark sand, pebbles and large rock formations which have been beautifully carved by the wind.

The farthest section of the beach is popular with gay sunbathers and nudists. The other side of the beach is a more ‘mainstream’ area called “Theros” where you can enjoy cocktails, have a meal and watch the sunset.

There is a tavern that rents sun beds and umbrellas.

features: bar, beach, cafe | Updated: 17-01-2018

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