Wroclaw Gay Cruise Clubs

Seen the sights, now see the men. Check out Wroclaw’s gay cruise club scene.

Aleksandra Zelwerowicza 18A, Wroclaw | map | distance

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+48 512 370 348 | Free WiFi

weekday: 20:00 - 04:00

weekend: 20:00 - 06:00

Cactus Club

audience rating: 4 stars from 19 votes - click to vote

Gay cruise bar & nightclub in Wroclaw. With 450 m² of space, Cactus club features lots of surprises, with mysterious furniture and nooks, eye-pleasing displays on 40″ screens and a cinema hall.

There’s an attractively arranged bar, comfortable chairs where you can sit and have a chat with your friends, smoking area, and many dark rooms for if you wish to play.

Cactus hosts regular themed events including a Naked/Underwear Party. Open from 8pm until late.

features: bar, music, dancing, dark room, adults-only | Updated: 13-01-2018

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